VASCO WorldWide

VASCO Worldwide JLT

Vasco is an avant-garde travel service enterprise providing an extensive platform that brings together a wide array of products and services, with the purpose of making a traveler’s experience comfortable, safe, affordable and unique.

The travel experience today is transforming with the advent of new technologies and social trends. The availability of information has increased traveler participation and expectations. Vasco understands the shift where the context of the traveler transcends the importance of the method.

Vasco’s think tank is dedicated to the ongoing process of creating ideas that aid and enhance traveler experience; be it in the form of

  • Sourcing functional and unique products and services.
  • Personalizing and bundling services based on intelligent traveler information.
  • Utilizing varied channels that increase the touch points with the traveler.
  • Getting the best value in the form of offers and deals.

Vasco’s offerings range from basic travel products such as universal plugs, TSA enabled locks to high-end services like lounge, meet and greet services. Vasco covers wide spectrum of products and services in areas including Hotel and Logistics, Finance and Insurance, Travel Healthcare, Telecom, Retail and more.

Vasco achieves in making ideas a reality through an adept team of enablers, strong connections and hands on interaction with various partners, suppliers and distributors, people who provide the value and people who help deliver.

With the backing of up-to-date technologies, Vasco achieves smooth operations across multiple locations worldwide and ensures seamless management of multiple channels, partners and the wide range of products and services.

Leveraging the global presence of the consortium and Vasco’s trusted partners, Vasco products and services are made widely available in various locations worldwide.

A key element of Vasco’s growth is its strong commitment to the global marketplace. Vasco strives to reaching customers worldwide and its international opportunities and pursuits are growing. The company’s efforts in forming new partnerships and capturing new business, demonstrate its successful strategy of pursuing a worldwide customer base.

Vasco’s services are retailed in many countries directly and through partners in all channels of distribution from large centers to specialty retailers. Vasco also owns and operates exclusive outlets. Many of the products and services are delivered directly to consumers over the Internet.

Vasco’s global Supply Chain division sources, manages the products and also oversees the production of items at various owned and sourced facilities in locations around the world.

Vasco is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The business is organized across four key global regions namely MENA, Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific.